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Email marketing is a powerful way to drive sales and build relationships with prospects and customers. But, if you’re not doing it right you could be wasting money on an ineffective campaign. Acumbamail makes it easier to quickly and easily send SMS, email, landing pages, newsletters campaigns, and more.



Email marketing is a powerful way to drive sales and build relationships with prospects and customers. But, if you’re not doing it right you could be wasting money on an ineffective campaign. Acumbamail makes it easier to quickly and easily send SMS, email, landing pages, newsletters campaigns, and more.

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What is Acumbamail?

Acumbamail is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you increase the number of contacts, sales, and customers of your company through email campaigns. With Acumbamail you can easily manage all of your marketing efforts, including landing pages and social networks, using a single tool. Create, track and analyze your campaigns in real-time to create a winning strategy.

“Acumbamail tool that helps you send email and SMS campaigns, which can help boost your business”

Alternative to: Octopus, Omnisend, and Moosend

Why Product

✅Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business. It helps you retain existing customers and increase your sales. And, if you do it right, it can be very cost-effective for your business.

Acumbamail creating an email campaign is pretty easy. You have a database of customers, you can just design a template and start sending out emails to them.

✅Send SMS campaigns

Send SMS campaigns with Acumbamail

Try Acumbamail SMS campaigns to increase conversion

Your e-commerce shop is getting more and more visits, but your sales are still not reaching the goal? The Acumbamail SMS marketing tool will help you boost your sales.

Acumbamail is an email marketing platform that also allows you to manage all your SMS campaigns. The platform, which is easy to use, helps you create and manage your electronic commercial communications in a simple way.

You can send messages from different channels: email marketing campaigns, email marketing automation, transactional emails, and SMS messages.

✅Send emails with custom templates

Templates are a great way to organize your emails and make sure they’re consistent. Acumbamail has a range of templates that you can use, but it’s also possible to create your own.

Once you’ve created your template, you can save it and send it as many times as you want.

✅Manage your customer’s information in one place

You can’t afford to lose a single customer. But if you’re managing your customer information in spreadsheets and emails, you’re running the risk of losing contact with customers for good.

Manage all your customer information in one place. Acumbamail lets you store all your customer data in one spot so it’s easy to find when you need it.

Centralize your contact information. Use Acumbamail’s search function to easily find the email address or phone number of any customer.

Get an at-a-glance look at every customer relationship. View data like how many emails or calls you’ve made to a particular contact, as well as notes on each of those interactions.

✅Marketing Automation

Small businesses are always looking for ways to squeeze more out of their marketing budgets. Marketing automation systems like Acumbamail can help.

Marketing automation software can help your business with a variety of tasks ranging from lead generation to email marketing, and it can do so with minimal human intervention. And unlike hiring an employee or contractor to handle these tasks, marketing automation software is basically a one-time cost.

Acumbamail is a marketing automation tool that integrates with the eCommerce platform PrestaShop. This integration makes it easy to manage your email campaigns and list subscribers without having to switch back and forth between multiple platforms.

✅Segment your customer base along with many criteria

Acumbamail allows you to segment your customer base along with many criteria. Experience has shown that this can be helpful in increasing conversions.

After creating your list you will be able to define segments that can be used to create micro-campaigns that can target a very specific group of subscribers.

✅Dynamic content

Dynamic content is a way to make your emails more personalized, delivering the right message and image for each contact based on their individual data.

With Acumbamail you can create as many versions of content as you like. You can choose from a number of data points, such as first name, gender, age, location, and more. If you want to get really specific you can use several different data points in combination to ensure your contact receives the most relevant and personalized experience.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Good

  • It is easy to use- You do not need a large team to carry out your email campaigns with Acumbamail.
  • It is reliable- Acumbamail has been in the business for years and has a quick support system.
  • It is affordable- The pricing plans are very reasonable and fit most budgets.
  • Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach your customers.
  • Acumbamail email marketing is flexible enough to get every possible audience segment and set up automated emails for specific actions.
  • With Acumbamail you can improve your engagement, increase conversion, and drive revenue from your email campaigns.
  • And forget about sending campaigns manually! Set up automated emails based on the behavior of your contacts, such as opening the mail, clicking on links, or buying a product.
  • Acumbamail has a friendly user dashboard that helps you create landing pages with a professional design in a matter of minutes.
  • Landing pages are an essential tool for any business. They help you create attractive offers that can be accessed through personalized URLs.
  • With Acumbamail’s drag-and-drop editor, you will only need to choose the type of landing page that suits your needs and drag-and-drop the user interface elements.
  • Sending SMS messages is an efficient way of reaching people immediately and on any device using an SMS opt-in form integrated into your email marketing campaign.

A great tool for managing your email and SMS campaigns.

The Bad:

Regular Price is a little bit High but right now a lifetime deal is going on in appsumo.

Best For?

  1. SMEs and self-employed workers who need an easy-to-use tool to manage their email and SMS campaigns.
  2. Agencies who need a platform that allows them to create different users and white labels for their clients.
  3. Large companies who need a scalable platform that can handle more complex campaigns.

What is the brand voice of Acumbamail?

Professional and helpful.

✅ Pricing:

  • Agency account
  • Automatic resend
  • List cleaning
  • Facebook audiences
  • Priority in sending queue
  • Monthly email marketing advice
  • Priority support
  • Email marketing consulting
  • Account manager
  • Unlimited campaign previews
  • Dedicated IP
  • Email marketing editor
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 800+ customizable templates
  • Automations
  • Landing page editor
  • A/B testing
  • Complete reports
  • Automatic forwarding
  • List cleaning
  • Facebook audiences
  • Priority in the send queue
  • Agency account
  • Integrations: Konnectzit, Pabbly Connect, and Integrately
  • Import recipients into lists from Google Sheets

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Final Remarks:

Acumbamail lets you utilize their easy-to-use email marketing platform to send and track SMS messages, as well as manage your email marketing, landing pages, PPC campaign, and more. Acumbamail also helps you analyze your campaign with detailed reporting features such as open rate and click rate analysis.


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