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So you wish, your customer management software and customer support software could talk to each other. Imagine, if you could create no-code automations between your cloud apps, automate marketing activities like lead tracking, lead nurturing and customer follow-up. Create custom workflows with triggers based on events or use cases and much more.

Introducing Albato – The simple solution to automate your marketing dashboards and to integrate your systems with no coding experience.

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WHAT IS Albato?

With Albato, you can have no-code automations between your cloud apps. Albato does not require any coding experiences and is backed by a whole suite of easy-to-use functions, covering everything from simple email notifications to advanced workflows with custom rules, triggers and more.

  • ALTERNATIVE TO: Zapier, Make, Workato, and
  • BEST FOR: Marketing agencies, ecommerce platforms
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WHY USE Albato?

Trade manual with Albato

✅Build and automate your own Saas ecosystem in Albato

✅Filter trigger with Albato

✅Router with Albato

✅Parallel scenario execution in Albato

✅Real-time automation logs with Albato

✅Unlimited users in Albato

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Trade manual with Albato

The company has just completed an upgrade to its mainframe platform and now has a new database system. It also has some other major projects in the pipeline that will require some extra help from a consultant.

Build and automate your own Saas ecosystem in Albato

The Saas ecosystem is a system of different services that work together to provide a solution to a customer. The process of creating Saas ecosystems is known as “building” and it requires the creation of an ecosystem of software components which are called building blocks. The goal of this article is to show you how to build your own Saas ecosystem in Albato.

Filter trigger with Albato

Albato is a great tool for building your own filters. It can be used to build filters, or you can use it as a trigger to filter data in a different way than you would normally use.Albato is a powerful and flexible data-processing platform that can be used to build applications in many different industries.

Router with Albato

Router with Albato is a very useful router that offers a lot of features and options. It has been developed by the people who know what they are doing. The router has been designed to be used by everyone and offer a great experience for all users.Router with Albato is a wireless router that helps you to connect all your devices with one device. It is a smart device that can help you to connect all your devices in your home, office or anywhere else.

Parallel scenario execution in Albato

Albato is a tool for automating the development of concurrent software. It allows you to execute multiple scenarios concurrently and to compare the results obtained by each scenario. The following example shows how Albato can be used to compare two scripts Albato is a data management and analysis tool. Albato allows you to run multiple nested scenarios at once, and it has an interface that makes it easy to navigate through these scenarios.

Real-time automation logs with Albato

Albato is a real-time automation log analytics tool. It provides insights into the actions of your users, what they do, and how they interact with your site.Albato collects user data from your website and stores it in an easy to understand format. You can then use Albato to analyze this data and get valuable insights about your users and their behavior.

Unlimited users in Albato

Albato is a fully cloud-based platform that enables you to manage and optimise your social media accounts. It has been designed to make it easier for business owners to run their social media campaigns without having to worry about the technical side of it.


  • Easily connect your cloud apps
  • Automate workflows in minutes
  • No code required
  • Prebuilt templates and recipes
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • Secure
  • Higher Monthly Pricing
  • Aggressive Up-selling


License Tier 1

One-time purchase of

$69.00 $192.00
  • 15,000 operations per month
  • 5 minute automation update time
  • 20 active automation numbers
  • Unlimited steps per automation per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Filter trigger
  • Router
  • 400+ apps and any future app integrations
  • 30-day execution log storage
  • Parallel scenario execution
  • Real-time automation logs
  • Service integrations including: Airtable, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Jira, ActiveCampaign, and more

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of

$139.00 |  $552.00
  • 45,000 operations per month
  • 1 minute automation update time
  • Unlimited active automation numbers
  • Data migration
  • Custom webhooks
  • Auto-replay of data
  • Custom HTTP request
  • App integrator (custom apps)
  • Unlimited steps per automation per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Filter trigger
  • Router
  • 400+ apps and any future app integrations
  • 30-day execution log storage
  • Parallel scenario execution
  • Real-time automation logs
  • Service integrations including: Airtable, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Jira, ActiveCampaign, and more

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There are plenty of other automation tools on the market, but Albato is simple and doesn’t require any coding skills. It has a large number of functions that you can use out of the box, and is also rapidly expanding at a time when it is becoming more important than ever to get rid of redundant manual processes

Top 5 Best AI Chatbots Tools in 2022


✅What is an AI chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can talk to users like a human does. It interacts with users through any popular messaging platform, including Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Line and more. There are many different layers of integrations with popular applications like Zendesk and Salesforce. Through these features companies can improve their support, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Chatbot—It’s your personal financial expert. Chatbot helps you make smarter financial decisions, provides insights into the markets, and teaches you how to be a better investor. Join the thousands of people who trust their money with Chatbot to start building your investment portfolio.

Chatbot is a messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to help you have conversations about financial products and services. The bot is for everyone, from beginners looking to invest for the first time, to advanced traders needing real-time market news. The technology behind the chatbot will be used by robo-advisors in the future.

✅ Best AI Chatbots

  1. Netomi
  2. atSpoke
  3. WP-Chatbot
  4. Zendesk Answer Bot
  5. UChat

1. Netomi

Good morning! Netomi, powered by AI, is the intelligent chatbot on a mission to change the world of customer service. With one integration, Netomi can be your company’s partner in every interaction your customers have with your business. AI automatically handles key channels — email, Facebook Messenger, SMS — providing end-to-end support wherever your customers communicate. All without requiring any extra human resources or training. See for yourself today why more businesses are trusting artificial intelligence to handle their customers’ questions and inquiries.

2. atSpoke

AtSpoke Modern is a modern, internal ticketing system that provides rapid resolution and transparency. AtSpoke Modern can be easily integrated with existing processes and is built on top of OKTA’s platform. It’s a modern ticketing system built with today’s needs in mind – making it quick, easy and streamlined to use, so your organization can focus on doing what it does best.

3. WP-Chatbot

ChatBot is a new way to communicate with your website visitors, online customers and real-life brand advocates. It provides an effective new way to communicate with website visitors via Facebook Messenger while also enabling sales teams to interact online with leads and make more sales. Chatbot includes a drag & drop “builder” to customize the bot’s personality, an “AI wizard” that lets you set up automated responses in minutes, templates & tools to support day to day customer care & sales needs. It streamlines communication by radically reducing the number of customer questions entered into call centers, plus it integrates with Zendesk, SalesForce, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo & many more marketing and customer service systems.

4. Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business helps employees be more productive in their work life. Alexa for Business allows employees to use voice commands to book meeting rooms, start conference calls, consult office directories, and more. This makes it easier to do work and saves time. Alexa for Business also lets IT and facilities managers measure and increase the utilization of the existing meeting rooms in their workplace. They can automatically release booked yet unattended meeting room reservations after a chosen time period. This makes meeting rooms available to your employees when they need them. Organizations that get started with Alexa for Business are able to achieve greater employee engagement and operational efficiency across their workplaces

5. UChat

UChat is an AI-powered chatbot platform that lets you build, manage and automate chatbots across messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and more. UChat gives you a free flow builder to create chatbots without coding.UChat intelligent bot will automatically respond to user requests within seconds over multiple messaging channels. UChat makes it simple to set up chatbot campaigns across all of your messaging channels. Create various messaging flows for different purposes and reach out to millions of their customers instantly!