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Building a remote team? Have some co-workers or a team that’s spread out geographically? Don’t know how to “break the ice”? Don’t worry, CrowdParty is here.



Building a remote team? Have some co-workers or a team that’s spread out geographically? Don’t know how to “break the ice”? Don’t worry, CrowdParty is here.

What is Crowdparty?

Break the ice and get your team talking. That’s the idea behind Crowdparty, a new platform that allows you to create your own interactive, customizable games that employees can play in person or virtually

“CrowdParty is a platform for corporate, teambuilding, peer-to-peer and in-person games. In just a few minutes you can set up your own game, invite your team and have fun working together!

Alternative to: Jackbox Games, Kahoot!, and Powerpoint Trivia..

Why CrowdParty?

✅CrowdParty is your new go-to for in-person and remote team building.

CrowdParty is the new group game platform that helps teams connect, bond, and have fun.

With the holiday season approaching and companies still working remotely, it’s time to think about how you can bring your team together for some festive fun.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual team-building activity or in-person gathering, CrowdParty has an array of games and activities to help you bond with your team.


✅Break the ice with custom games for team building, happy hours, and work events.

Have you ever found yourself at a networking event or social gathering, struggling to make conversation and feel awkward? You’re not alone.

We are here to help.

CrowdParty is the first mobile app that introduces a fun new way to make conversation by playing games with people at events. The app creates unique, personalized games that make it easier than ever to connect with others.

CrowdParty games let you learn about people through their interests, opinions, and sense of humor. Whether you’re at a networking event, party, or even in line for the bathroom, the CrowdParty app offers an easy way to get to know people around you.


✅Makes it simple to create, run and share custom games with a few clicks.

CrowdParty, a new game creation tool for Tabletop Simulator, is now available to download on Steam Workshop.

The platform makes it simple to create, run, and share custom games with a few clicks. Created by creative director and designer Chris Ayotte, CrowdParty comes with a board game editor and an easy-to-use interface that lets players build their own games.

“CrowdParty is a free tool I made for Tabletop Simulator that lets you create your own custom games,” Ayotte told Polygon via email. “I hope the community uses it to make all kinds of cool stuff: From short party games to beer and pretzels tabletop RPGs; from weird experimental video games to indie board games.”

“I think of my work as experimental,” he said. “I like to experiment with new ideas and new technologies in hopes of creating something new and interesting. My goal was to make a tool that was easy enough for anybody from any creative background to learn quickly. I also wanted it to be powerful enough for somebody who really knows what they’re doing.”


✅Facilitate icebreakers, energizers, and more from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

CrowdParty is a platform that makes it simple for trainers and facilitators to build, host, and share interactive party games. Games can be played on computers, tablets, or smartphones and are perfect for icebreakers, energizers, interactive surveys, and more.

Games are hosted in the cloud, so there is no software to install. Participants simply go to a web address and enter a code. They will then be able to see the game screen on their device and submit responses with just one tap.

CrowdParty games can be shared publicly with anyone who has the URL or privately with participants who have a passcode. Results are stored securely in the cloud and can be viewed at any time through your CrowdParty dashboard.


✅Virtual team building games

CrowdParty is a virtual team-building software that hosts online games and custom challenges to engage remote employees. Our platform helps companies with large remote workforces build stronger connections, make sales more fun, and share company culture.


✅Practice your public speaking skills

CrowdParty is a great place to practice public speaking. CrowdParty’s unique crowd-voting platform helps you get real-time feedback from an audience of like-minded professionals.

As a member of the community, you can either volunteer to be a speaker or sign up to be in the audience for one of our weekly events.

Speakers will have their own private channel where they can upload their talk and a slide deck (using Slideshare). As soon as the talk is ready, it’s pushed out to every member of the audience who has signed up for that particular event.

Audience members will vote on how well they think each speaker did during the presentation. Audience members also have the option of leaving comments and feedback after each talk. This provides some great insight into how the audience perceives your message.

✅Your remote team needs to build trust, too.


As a remote company, we know that building trust is key to a successful team. We also know that if you want to create a real connection with your team, you need more than just regular team meetings.

That’s why we’re launching CrowdParty.

We’ve learned that the best way to build relationships and trust with your remote team is to create opportunities for them to connect socially and get to know each other on a personal level.


✅A few ideas to get you started

There are so many reasons to celebrate life. From Baby Showers, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Holiday Parties, and more.

We are here to help you turn those ideas into reality, whether it’s searching for the perfect venue or finding the right caterer. We have all the tools you need to plan your next event with ease.

The Good


  • CrowdParty is a simple and easy way to manage events.
  • We focus on the quality of your event, not the quantity!
  • Our Events are lively, fun, and full of surprises.
  • It’s so simple! Start fundraising now!
  • CrowdParty is the place to discover and fund the best startups that have been pre-vetted by our team of tech experts.
  • Every day is an adventure.
  • CrowdParty is your best choice for party planning.

✅The Bad:

✅Who are the target audiences of CrowdParty?

  • Event organizers: CrowdParty can be used to organize events, sell tickets and manage ticket holders.
  • Teachers: CrowdParty can be used to manage classes, students, and parents.
  • Business owners: CrowdParty can be used to manage employees, customers, and partners.

✅ Pricing:

😎Players: 200 per Room

📣Hosts: 1

⚡️Rounds: Unlimited

⛳️Game Modes: All

  • Lifetime access to CrowdParty
  • All future Team Pass Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason



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Final Remarks:

At the end of the day, CrowdParty is a good way to encourage your team to connect more on a personal level. It’s not something they’ll be engaged with forever, but it could certainly help people break the ice when they’re working together for the first time, or spark some good discussion topics at work that may not have come up otherwise.


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