Best Screen Sharing Tools in 2023!

Screen sharing is a fantastic way to interact with other team members and anyone else who’s interested in the project you’re working on. It’s easy to create a screen share or record it from within your own computer or mobile device. But what happens when you want to distribute that screen share to others on your network or even the internet? That’s where these tools come into play. This article contains a list of some of the best screen-sharing tools currently available for use today.





Skype helps you stay connected to friends, family, and even co-workers around the world through video calls, chat, and messaging. It can also be used for one-on-one or group video calls via desktop or mobile devices.


Unique Features:

  1. It offers high-quality video calling, which makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family no matter where they are.
  2. It has a new and improved messaging system, which makes chatting faster and more reliable.
  3. It offers digital environments that take virtual get-togethers to a whole new level.

Best For:

  1. People who want to stay connected with friends and family around the world.
  2. Business professionals who need to stay connected with clients and co-workers.
  3. Content creators who want to share their work with others.
  4. Anyone who wants to take advantage of high-quality video calling.

We made Skype better by making it easier to stay in touch—from anywhere in the world. And now you can use our digital workspaces to hang out with your friends when you’re all online at the same time. With Skype for Voice, video messaging, calls, and texts surfing the web together just got a whole lot more fun.





Do you want to make sure your team has the best possible way to communicate? Slack is a program that helps teams communicate with each other better by providing them with all of their communication tools in one digital hub. Slack can be used as an exclusive communication tool within a company or as just one more tool that supports collaboration between teams. Flexible enough to meet the needs of any size team, Slack securely scales up with you as your business grows—allowing teams to focus on what really matters—their work.

Unique Features:

  1. It is a digital hub for all of your team’s communication and tools.
  2. It is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways to best suit the individual worker.
  3. It securely scales up to support collaboration at the world’s biggest companies.

Best For:

  1. Businesses of all sizes
  2. Teams of all sizes
  3. Remote workers
  4. Individuals who want to improve communication and collaboration.

Slack is the only platform that brings all your communication together in one place so you can find and share information instantly, whether you need to discuss an upcoming event with your team, see updates from your product development pipeline, or search through all of your data.





Are you frequently on the go or traveling? You’ll need a way to access your files and log into projects, no matter where you are. This is where TeamViewer comes in. With TeamViewer, you can gain remote access to PCs, Macs, and servers worldwide no matter where you’re located (even if you’re not using TeamViewer). So if you need help accessing a device over the internet or working together on a project, simply get started with TeamViewer today.

Unique Features:

  1. It has the widest device and platform coverage of any remote access software.
  2. It has the best-in-class usability and performance.
  3. It supports Android devices as well as iOS screen sharing, which is an industry first.

Best For:

  1. People who need to access their devices from a remote location.
  2. Businesses that need to provide remote support for their customers or employees.
  3. Schools and universities that need to provide virtual classrooms.
  4. People who need to manage their devices remotely.

TeamViewer lets you connect to any device, anywhere in the world. Share your computer with others so you can work together on projects or just chat face to face — no matter where in the world you are.





Do you travel frequently, work remotely, or simply like to access your computer from multiple locations? If so, AnyDesk is the perfect solution for you. AnyDesk provides you with a remote access tool that allows you to connect to all of your devices using a single license. Connect to colleagues and clients on the fly, manage your desktop without having to be in front of it, and easily save files and folders that can be accessed from any device.

Unique Features:

  1. It is lightweight and easy to download- only taking up 3mb of space on your device.
  2. It is secure, with military-grade TLS 12 security and 256-bit AES transport encryption.
  3. It works on a variety of devices- Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Best For:

  1. People who need to access their devices from anywhere in the world.
  2. People who need a secure and fast remote desktop application.
  3. People who want to improve their productivity and creativity.

We are proud to announce AnyDesk for Chrome! Now you can work on your computer from anywhere in the world by installing this free browser extension. AnyDesk for Chrome is fast, secure, and lightweight (only 3mb!), making it perfect for remote access to devices.





Zoom is the leading platform for video conferencing, online meetings and group video chat for use in business or education. Zoom speeds up productivity and improves collaboration across organizations of all sizes by making it easy for teams to connect from anywhere.

Unique Features:

  1. It offers video conferencing, cloud phone, webinars, chat, and virtual events all in one platform.
  2. It is easy to use and engaging for participants.
  3. It has rich conversation analytics that can improve sales outcomes.

Best For:

  1. Businesses of all sizes
  2. Educators
  3. Government organizations
  4. Healthcare professionals.

Zoom is optimized for meeting face-to-face and discussing ideas regardless of location or time zone. It’s your private network where you can talk, share, be productive, and collaborate with others.




Join me is a cloud-based video conferencing service that lets you connect with anyone instantly on whatever device you choose. Whether you need an in-office meeting, an international presentation with your team, or a one-on-one call with a client, gives you unique features other products don’t have like toll-free audio and video conferencing.

Unique Features:

  1. It has apps for both computer and mobile devices, making it easy to use wherever you go.
  2. It integrates with a variety of popular SaaS platforms.
  3. It offers toll-free audio and video conferencing.

Best For:

  1. Individuals
  2. Teams
  3. Businesses. combines the best of video conferencing and online meeting tools to bring a new level of interactivity to your online collaboration. The app allows you to easily start online meetings with anyone, anytime and share your desktop screen or presentation with others in real-time over 3G/4G networks.




Screenleap is the easiest way to share your screen with anyone. Whether its for a live webinar or classroom training—or for sharing some personal gaming tips with family across the world, Screenleap does it all. Sign up for a free account today and start getting more work done faster.

Unique Features:

  1. It is easy and quick to share your screen with others.
  2. There is no need to install any software to view screens from any device.
  3. The performance is high quality, regardless of the number of viewers.

Best For:

  1. Businesses or professionals who need to share their screen with others for presentations, collaborations, or training purposes.
  2. Individuals who need to share their screen with family or friends for help with a computer issue or for a tutorial.
  3. Anyone who wants to record their screen interactions and meetings for future reference.

Screenleap is a global screen-sharing tool that makes it easy to share, record and review your screen from any device. It has many uses such as business, education or even social purposes.




Screencast-O-Matic is your all-in-one recording tool for computer screens. This software offers a wide range of features including recording your screen as well as capturing your webcam and microphone simultaneously. Use our stock library of images, videos, and backgrounds to enhance your videos with ease and share them across social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Unique Features:

  1. It is free to use.
  2. It has a stock library of images and videos to use in your projects.
  3. It has video analytics to help you understand your audience.

Best For:

  1. Individuals who want to easily create, edit, and share content.
  2. Businesses that want to easily create, edit, and share content.
  3. Educators who want to use video in the classroom.
  4. Teams that need video communication solutions.

Screencast-O-Matic is the easiest way to make high-quality screen recordings. Whether you’re recording yourself in a webinar session or collaborating with a remote team, Screencast-O-Matic makes it easy to create high-quality videos with just one click.






To help you achieve more, Webex Meetings is an all-in-one app that combines voice and video calling, messaging, screen sharing, and other collaboration features so you can connect face-to-face with anyone around the globe.

Unique Features:

  1. It is an all-in-one app that includes calling, messaging, and meeting features.
  2. It is designed for teams of all sizes and works with a variety of devices.
  3. It is secure by design and private by default.

Best For:

  1. Personal users – small businesses
  2. Enterprise users.

Imagine being able to work with your team whenever, wherever — and with whichever device is at hand? That’s what Webex Teams enables: anytime and anywhere access to HD video conferencing, messaging and calling; all connected through one integrated app.


Final Remarks:

Screen sharing is the best way to teach and learn when it comes to any computer. It allows you and another person to easily communicate on the same screen. This makes it easier to troubleshoot problems with your computer or show someone how you’re doing something specific through an online tutorial. I’ve listed some great screen sharing tools below that you can use for free or charge a small amount of money depending on what tool suits you best.

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