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Automate your data backups with BackupSheep — the backup platform that makes it easy to get started and scale with powerful features. Backup a few of your files or thousands of them, our architecture was built to handle both scenarios seamlessly. BackupSheep drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily organize your data backups and share them with your team.

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  • What is BackupSheep?

BackupSheep is a cloud storage platform that enables users to automate backups for cloud servers, websites, and databases. Our intuitive platform allows users of all skill levels to backup their digital assets with a simple drag-and-drop interface. BackupSheep offers multi-region and cloud integrations as well as storage integrations so that you never have to worry about losing your data. Join the thousands of businesses, individuals, and developers on BackupSheep today!

BackupSheep is a program that helps you make backups of your cloud servers, websites, and databases. You can use it to schedule backups


  • Why BackupSheep?

Crontab Syntax

The first column is the minute, the second column is the hour, the third column is the day of the month, and the sixth column is the month. The seventh column is simply to show you which days of the week are being selected.

Timezone Aware

So, this is a pretty important detail I missed.

For a product like BackupSheep, where we’re interacting with the users only when they subscribe to back up their data or download the backed up data, it’s extremely important for us to display the time in their local timezone.

I’ve just now added this feature, and added a screen in the profile page to allow the user to set their local timezone.


BackupSheep is ready for Multi-Schedule. Now you can back up your data on the schedule of your choice.

BackupSheep has been optimized to provide the best experience possible, including new support for multiple scheduled backups. Now, you can set a daily backup at noon, while also scheduling backups to run every hour.

On-Demand Backups

Backups are important – and they’re even more important if you’re running a business.

For the average user, there’s not much of a need to back up daily. You can probably get away with backing up once or twice a week, especially if you aren’t doing anything that would cause you to lose your data quickly (such as coding).

But for business users – especially those of you who are paying customers – we wanted to make sure you have all the tools you need to keep your data safe. This includes the ability to create your own on-demand backups whenever you need them.


The purpose of this email is to get you up and running with BackupSheep.

BackupSheep for Windows is available in two editions:

BackupSheep Free Edition

BackupSheep Pro Edition

Multi-Region support

BackupSheep now supports multiple regions for your backup archives!

So far we only supported one region of your choice. Now you can choose multiple regions to store your backup archives in. Thus, you’re able to achieve a more granular level of redundancy and even better availability.


  • The Good

The platform for all of your backups

Secure and reliable

One, simple interface

Simple pricing

Integrations galore!

Reliability you can count on.

Beautiful, intuitive interfaces

BackupSheep is the best cloud storage platform.

  • Best For

  1. Cloud server administrators who want to automate backups for their servers, websites, and databases.
  2. Individuals and businesses who want to store unlimited offsite backups.
  3. Anyone looking for an all-in-one platform with no feature locks or add-ons


  • What is the brand voice of



Modern and helpful

✅ Pricing:


All features above included

Up to 2 TB BackupSheep storage

Unlimited nodes

Unlimited offsite storage

Unlimited schedules

All features above included

Up to 1 TB BackupSheep storage

Unlimited nodes

Unlimited offsite storage

Unlimited schedules

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  • Final Remarks:

BackupSheep is changing the game by allowing users to backup their cloud servers, sites, and databases in an easy, intuitive interface. Join the thousands of businesses and individuals that are switching to BackupSheep today!

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