4 Ways to Make Money as a Web Developer

The best and fastest way to make money online is by simply writing articles. Writing is a skill you can develop online, which offers you a lot of flexibility. Most people don’t have time to start a website or blog, nor do they have the knowledge of HTML, CSS and other coding languages required for creating pages as well as an audience to read them. But with the right writing skills, you can effortlessly write high-quality educational content that could be used in so many ways to generate cash.

1. Create digital products

Hello, I’m Will and I’m the creator of How to Create Digital Products That People Actually Want. In my digital product you’ll discover how to create digital products that are not only meaningful but profitable as well. You’ll learn how each type of digital product fits in with modern-day marketing techniques and much more.

Unique Features:

1. It is a digital product, which means it can be accessed and used online.

2. It is educational, teaching people how to create digital products that will sell.

3. It is scalable, meaning it can reach a larger audience without any extra effort on the part of the creator.

For Bor:

1. People who want to learn how to create digital products that people actually want.

2. People who are interested in learning about the different types of digital products that are available.

3. People who want to know the benefits of creating and selling digital products.

You aren’t alone… Most people are so overwhelmed by the thought of creating their own digital product that they just keep paying for other people’s junk instead. It’s time to stop wasting money on guesswork and finally learn how to create digital products that people want

2. Blogging

Blogging by Google lets you set up your blog in minutes with a domain name from Google or your domain. You can create a blog in minutes or customize one of the thousands of free templates. There’s no setup fee and it’s free to start making money from ads on your site.”Blogger is the easiest way to create a beautiful website. Choose from hundreds of free template designs – many with custom backgrounds, fonts, and styles – or create something entirely unique. Our free tools help you get started quickly so you can publish your work immediately.

Unique Features:

1. It is easy to use- you can create a blog in minutes.

2. You can choose from a variety of templates or design your own.

3. You can earn money by displaying ads on your blog.

For Bor:

1. People who want to start a blog.

2. People who want a unique and beautiful blog.

3. People who want an easy way to create a blog.

With Blogger, you can set up a blog in minutes. Blogger offers great templates and an easy-to-use interface to help you get started quickly.

3. Freelancing

Need some digital work done? Say no more. Freelancer is the largest global marketplace on which you can find qualified freelancers who will help with almost any project, large or small. Whether you’re looking for digital work, graphics design, marketing, advertising help, tech support or more, Freelancer makes it easy with a simple interface that lets you communicate effectively—and pay securely—with any freelancer.

Unique Features:

1. It has the largest pool of quality freelancers globally, with over 50 million to choose from.

2. It has a time tracker and mobile app to help keep track of progress.

3. It offers a milestone payment system to ensure quality work is delivered and you’re satisfied before paying.

For Bor:

1. Freelancers who are looking for freelance jobs.

2. People who need work done and want to find freelancers to do the work for them.

3. Businesses who want to outsource work.

Our full-service platform is built with a focus on quality and efficiency, ensuring your freelancer will work hard, respond quickly, complete the job on time and provide you with the best service possible. Stack Overflow is the world’s largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

4. Live Streaming

Vimeo Livestream is all about making the complicated simple. Live events are stressful enough without having to worry about the tools you’re using to produce them. That’s why we’ve focused on helping people create beautiful, professional streams with beautiful interfaces and rock-solid backend platforms.

Unique Features:

1. It is easy to use- the interface is super intuitive.

2. It has a rock-solid backend platform.

3. It has support so in case there are any issues, they are immediately there to help you troubleshoot.

For Bor:

1. Businesses

2. Employees

3. Customers

4. Subscribers


Create professional, high-quality streams at Vimeo Livestream. With our free and simple platform, you can create a stream that’s as polished as a live broadcast but flexible enough to meet your needs.Vimeo Livestream is a live event streaming tool that lets anyone easily create and share professional-grade live events—from concerts to conferences to corporate meetings.

Final Remarks:

I have been working on a project for the past few months. I would love to share it with you. This project has a lot of potentials and it’s giving me the opportunity to learn new things that ordinary people don’t know about. I personally feel like this is my chance to see how far I can get in the web development field before I start using all my experience for personal projects.


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