Analyzes user behavior on websites to boost conversions and improve design.
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Plerdy is a comprehensive tool designed to help e-commerce businesses, marketers, and product managers better understand user behavior on their websites. It offers a variety of features, including heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and more, that allow you to locate ineffective elements, analyze patterns, and make informed decisions for optimizing your site.

Key Features

  • User Behavior Tracking: Plerdy enables you to track user behavior with key metrics like clicks, traffic type, and device usage, offering valuable insights into user interactions.
  • Heatmaps & UX/SEO Analytics: Heatmaps provide live evaluations of user behavior, including scroll maps, click sequences, and cursor hover. This feature helps you understand what is and isn’t working on your site to make effective changes.
  • Customizable Pop-ups: Plerdy allows you to create customized pop-ups with more than 25 conditions and capabilities, including email collection, callbacks, banners, and subscribe buttons. These pop-ups can be used to poll users, collect leads, or inform customers about discounts without slowing down your site loading times.
  • SEO Checker: The tool runs a daily SEO analysis and generates a comprehensive report, highlighting gaps in search engine performance and allowing for immediate corrections. It also integrates with the mobile-first Google Search Console API for analyzing keywords and content performance.
  • User Session Recordings: Plerdy provides an in-depth look into how users navigate your site through session recordings. You can analyze these recordings for specific traffic or devices, segmenting the data down to more manageable sizes.
  • Sales Analytics: Plerdy helps optimize your conversion funnel by tracking the actual number of users who have gone through it. It collects purchase and sales data, revealing your most profitable traffic and device sources, and indicating which site elements users clicked before making a purchase.
  • Dynamic Elements Analysis: You can analyze user clicks and actions based on dynamic elements, offering a more detailed understanding of user behavior.
  • Data Segmentation: Plerdy allows segmentation of data from different traffic sources or devices, providing a more tailored view of user interaction patterns.
  • Integration Capabilities: The tool integrates with platforms like Google Search Console, Mailchimp, Semrush, Shopify, and WordPress, enhancing its functionality and ease of use.
  • GDPR Compliance: Plerdy is GDPR-compliant, ensuring that all user data is handled securely and in accordance with the regulations.

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