Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with Notch

Notch is a digital sales room platform that streamlines your sales process, enhances buyer engagement, and accelerates deal closure.
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Notch is a cutting-edge digital sales room that revolutionizes your sales process by providing a seamless and unified space for all your sales activities. With Notch, you can effortlessly create personalized and customizable spaces for each buyer, ensuring a tailored and engaging experience. By streamlining your sales follow-up and optimizing communication, Notch helps you leave a lasting and impactful first impression, setting the stage for successful sales interactions. Experience the power of Notch and elevate your sales game to new heights!

Key Features

  • Customizable Spaces: Notch allows users to create branded, customizable spaces for each buyer, enhancing the first impression and streamlining sales follow-ups.

  • Drag-and-Drop Building Blocks: Users can easily tailor their spaces using drag-and-drop building blocks like columns, progress bars, and calls to action.

  • Direct Embedding of Files: Notch allows direct embedding of files and resources such as YouTube videos, Typeforms, Calendly invites, and Loom videos, simplifying the sales process.

  • Controlled Access: Users can control who has access to their space and effortlessly share access with key decision-makers without requiring them to sign up.

  • Integrated E-Signature Tool: Notch includes an integrated e-signature tool that allows users to collect legally binding signatures from one or multiple buyers.
  • Real-time Notifications: Users receive immediate notifications when buyers sign, enabling a swift sales process.

  • Buyer Activity Tracking: Notch allows users to track buyers’ activity, including views, shares, and engagement, providing insights into deal interest.

  • Mutual Action Plans: Notch provides a feature to create mutual action plans, breaking down processes into simple steps and keeping all stakeholders accountable for their tasks.

  • Integration with Other Tools: Notch integrates seamlessly with tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and, making it easier to fit into existing workflows.

  • Consolidation of Sales Resources: With Notch, all sales resources can be consolidated in one place, so prospects only need to click one link to access everything, simplifying the sales process.

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