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Scale your customer support and improve turnaround time across multiple channels | Lifetime Deal AlphaCX

>>> Get Lifetime Access Now <<< Most communication between customers and businesses is done through email, phone calls and traditional chat. Wasn’t there a better way? Wouldn’t it be great if every business had an AI-powered virtual assistant to handle their conversations? Now they do. The AlphaCX platform provides businesses with a full-featured, natural language […]

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Analyze And Classify Consumer Reviews With A No-Code Machine Learning Tool | Kimola Cognitive Lifetime Deal

>>> Get Lifetime Access Now <<< Do you need a way to gather, analyze, and classify customer feedback to help you grow your brand? Introducing the Customer Feedback Kimola Cognitive! This powerful no-code machine learning Kimola Cognitive gathers analyzes, and classifies customer feedback to help you grow your brand. Meet Kimola Cognitive! Table of Contents […]