Bonboarding – Enhance user onboarding with immersive virtual tours!

Bonboarding is a no-code platform for creating customized, interactive product tours to enhance website user experience.
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Bonboarding is an innovative and powerful no-code platform that is specifically designed to enhance the user experience on your website. With Bonboarding, you can effortlessly create engaging and interactive virtual product tours, offering a seamless onboarding process for your new users. By guiding them through the most important features of your web app, you can ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of your product without requiring any coding knowledge or technical expertise. This user-friendly solution empowers you to create captivating and personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on your users, helping you to drive engagement, increase conversions, and build strong relationships with your audience. Say goodbye to complex coding and hello to the simplicity and efficiency of Bonboarding!

Key Features

  • No-Code Platform: Bonboarding allows you to create interactive product tours without requiring any coding knowledge.

  • Customizable Design: The platform can automatically detect your website’s design and match it, ensuring your product tour is consistent with your brand.

  • Visual Element Customization: You have the freedom to customize every visual element in your tour, including colors, borders, fonts, and spacing.

  • Global Themes: Bonboarding lets you create global themes that apply the same design across all your pop-ups and highlights.

  • Targeting Rules: The platform allows you to create targeting rules to show content only to users who meet specific criteria.
  • Personalized Content: With the use of custom values, you can personalize the content displayed to each user based on their information.

  • Real-Time Data Collection: Bonboarding collects real-time data on your product tours, providing insights into average time spent, tour completion rates, and more.

  • Step-by-Step Metrics: The platform allows you to track metrics for every step of the tour, helping you identify where users tend to drop off.

  • Integration Capabilities: Bonboarding seamlessly integrates with other platforms like Slack and Zapier, ensuring it fits right into your current workflow.

  • Ease of Installation: Adding Bonboarding to your website is as straightforward as pasting a code snippet into your codebase or installing a WordPress plugin.

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