Typedesk Lifetime Deal – Best Canned Response Tool?

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Typedesk Lifetime Deal – Best Canned Response Tool?

Typing on a computer takes too much time and can be highly inefficient.

With Typedesk’s features, you can type faster and more efficiently on your computer – whether you’re in a meeting or responding to urgent emails.

Would you like to see how Typedesk can help boost your productivity? Visit typedesk to learn more about us or get started with our free trial today!

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What Is Typedesk?

Typedesk is a canned response solution that lets your whole team create, organize, and send unique messages quickly. Typedesk helps teams respond faster to inquiries and provide feedback more effectively. By providing a central location for all canned responses, Typedesk helps teams save time on repetitive responses. Typedesk allows users to create smart templates that automatically ensure formatting and grammar changes when shared, ensuring accuracy on all end .

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Why Use Typedesk?

  • Create and Send Canned Responses from Gmail, Zendesk, Slack, and More
  • Manage All Your Canned Responses in One Place
  • Work Offline on Your Favorite Browser or Platform
  • Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Organize Your Team with Shared Folders
  • Keep Your Tone Consistent with Shared Templates
  • Filter Through Work by Typing
  • Keep Tabs On Employee Activity with Activity Feeds
  • Stay In Touch with Notifications
  • Organize with Tags
  • Get Help with Email Support
Key Point Details

Typedesk Feature Details

Typedesk is a canned response management solution that lets you and your team create, organize, and send custom responses quickly.

Whether you’re using it in Slack, Gmail, HipChat, or your favorite productivity platform, Typedesk is built to empower your team.

Typedesk is perfect for businesses of any size and type. Whether it’s a simple text reply, a long email, or a complex workflow sequence, Typedesk lets you create, edit, and send your own custom responses, at scale. You can even schedule your responses in advance, making them ideal for automation.

Typedesk’s flexible feature set and affordable pricing make it an ideal tool for any team.


Typedesk is a canned response solution that lets your whole team create, organize, and send unique messages quickly.

Typedesk takes your replies to the next level. Once you install a Typedesk canned response, anyone in your company can reply to messages on your website and social media platforms with exactly the response you want.

Typedesk then organizes these messages into folders, so your team can quickly and easily find what they need.

Typedesk is the chose of millions of small businesses, nonprofits, and solopreneurs.

Typedesk Best For, Good Side, Bad Side

  • Customer support
  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses

1. It integrates seamlessly regardless of the app or website.

2. It has personalizing variables to make dynamic responses.

3. It is designed for teams with team folders, notifications, and built-in sharing capabilities

  • Higher Monthly Pricing
  • Aggressive Up-selling


License Tier 1

One-time purchase of

$69.00 $144.00

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of

$138.00 |  $3600.00

Enjoy 10% Off Lifetime Deal

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Lifetime Deal
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  • ✅Click then to proceed to the “Lifetime Deal” page.
  • ✅Stay till the Discount Popup Window.
  • ✅Enter your Email Address.
  • ✅Click to “ UNLOCK MY 10%”
  • ✅Check your Email and Claim an extra 10% OFF.
  • ✅Only applicable for the first purchase.

Final Remarks

Customizing your texts and creating templates that are predictable and professional is a challenge.

With Typedesk, you can create custom canned responses with ease: use variables to insert personalized content, schedule your messages to be sent out at the right time, and track how many times your message has been shared. Here’s how!

Ready for more? Check out how Typedesk can help you manage your team’s communication.

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