Track your Domains, and Monitor your Domains 24 x7 with zero coding | Netumo Lifetime Deal

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Track your Domains, and Monitor your Domains 24 x7 with zero coding | Netumo Lifetime Deal

Are you looking for a simple way to monitor your website’s uptime? Netumo is a free service that checks the uptime of your website every 5 minutes. If your website goes down, Netumo will notify you right away and let you know why your site is down.

Netumo also monitors your Google PageSpeed score, which shows you how fast your website loads.

Try Netumo today for free!

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WHAT IS Netumo?

When you sign into your account (which is free), Netumo creates a unique, detailed report for you, including an analysis of your site’s performance, password strength, and vulnerabilities.
Netumo monitors your site every minute, sending real-time alerts when a problem is detected — or when the malware is first detected.

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WHY USE Netumo?

  • Tracks multiple websites & domains

  • Push notifications on website downtime

  • Get instant email notifications

  • Get instant SMS notifications

  • Get instant Slack notifications

  • Get instant Telegram notifications

  • Get instant Microsoft Teams notifications

  • Get instant Twitter notifications

  • Check website response time

  • Find page source of website

  • Find country of IP Address

  • Find WHOIS information

  • Find NS Lookup information

  • Find website speed test information

  • Get Complete Analytics

  • Track uptime, response time, status codes per day

  • Export report as PDF

  • Get Complete Analytics

  • Track uptime, response time, status codes per day

  • Export report as PDF

Key Point Details


Netumo is a PHP application that works on Apache Web Server. It enables you to keep track of all websites that you manage. It makes sure they are up and running and keeps track of their uptimes. It also displays server information to allow you to monitor your servers.

However, Netumo is not just a server monitoring tool. Netumo is also a powerful web application that helps you keep track of your websites and server, analyze the traffic they get and preform various checks.

Netumo is a web application that works on PHP. It enables you to see errors, issues, and notifications and enables you to take action to fix them.

The best thing about Netumo is that you can use it for multiple users.

The problem with most server monitoring tools is that you can’t use multiple monitors to monitor all your websites. With Netumo, you can monitor all your websites and servers at the same time so that you can fix problems before users notice them.



Marketing Professionals,

IT Administrators,

Website Owners & Agencies


– Clean, simple and easy to understand UI
– Gives you a detailed look at the uptime, response time etc.
– Email & Slack notifications about failure, no false positives
– Multiple ways to add URLs/domains
– Simple & quick website integration
– You can check the status of websites from multiple countries
– CSV and spreadsheet export
– All reports
– Data & Analytics

  • Higher Monthly Pricing
  • Aggressive Up-selling


License Tier 1

One-time purchase of


License Tier 2

One-time purchase of



Netumo is a program that helps you keep track of your websites and makes sure they are always working. This program is an alternative to Uptime Robot and Pingdom. Get instant notifications on Failure, Zero False Positives via Email & Slack. Best Suited for: Marketing Professionals, IT Administrators, Website Owners & Agencies. From the Dashboard, you will have an eagle’s eye view of all your websites, domains, certificates and hosts.

You can check the availability of your websites (the more sites you integrate, more the merrier your chart looks), recent failure with date & time and the website response time. Netumo also notifies you about the expiration of your domain names and certificates in the “Upcoming Renewals” section. Don’t worry! Even if you missed this section, you will receive several email notifications before the expiration date).

Once you add a new domain, Netumo will automatically pull the details of registrar, registration & expiry date. You can see such details for all the domains under the “Domain Names” section. You can set the type of notification you want to receive (Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Twitter notifications) and the no. of days before you want to receive notifications. The “Search” functionality helps you easily pick a domain from the list for which

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