Track And Monitor Your Google Rankings With Mind-Blowing Serp Accuracy | Serpple Lifetime Deal

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Track And Monitor Your Google Rankings With Mind-Blowing Serp Accuracy | Serpple Lifetime Deal

Do you always wonder how well your site is doing in search engines? Serpple helps you track your websites ranking on search engines so you can see how well you are doing and how you can improve.

Serpple provides your ranking information in a clear and concise manner. The charts and reports show your progress over time, how many keywords you have tracked, what keywords are ranking, and which keywords are not ranking.

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WHAT IS Serpple?

The Serpple website says the app is “powered by machine learning”, but the feature set is all there. This basic app gives you 2 main features, similar in function to RankTrackr and Ahrefs.The first is the Rank Tracker, which helps you see where you rank for keywords, and it displays ranks for individual pages.

The second is the Metric Tracker, which gives you information about the rankings and visited by users. However, it doesn’t give you any useful information about your site, such as the number of clicks, visits, or unique users. This is a fairly bog standard app, but for $12.99, it’s cheap enough to try and not too difficult to use.

  • ALTERNATIVE TO: SE Ranking, SurferSEO
Same Key Point Here

WHY USE Serpple?

  • Your tracked keyword rankings and fresh keyword metrics
  • Quickly analyze the effectiveness of your SEO efforts
  • SERPPLE Score measures your site’s performance for your targeted keywords sharp
  • Know your competitors’ ranking for the same keyword
  • Compare it with yours and gain a perception of your competitor’s progress too
  • Monitor and Tail Your Keywords
  • Identify the top-ranking keywords of your projects and quickly observe your ranking fluctuations for all your keywords
  • Form an effective SEO strategy based on the serpple score, trending keywords, and declined keywords widget
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Serpple is a robust tool that, as it’s name suggests, helps you grow your website. You can get Serpple here.

Serpple allows you to track your website ranking on search engines so you can see how well your website is performing in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Serpple is a software program that tracks your website’s ranking in real time and provides you with live updates on your website’s ranking. It also provides you with insights on what keywords have been driving your website traffic.

With Serpple, you can easily determine where your website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). Serpple also allows you to track your website’s ranking on different search engines.

With Serpple, you can track your website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. You can analyze the keywords that are driving traffic to your website.

Kelly Slater and Travis Rice use Serpple.


  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • 1. Website owners or SEO professionals who want to track their website rankings and progress over time.

  • 2. Competitors of these website owners or SEO professionals who want to track the rankings of their targeted keywords


-Get Competitive Analysis
-Track Your Ranking
-Get Detailed Reports
-View Your Rankings On Mobile
-Track Ppc Keywords
-Easy To Use Dashboard
-View Your Scores On Desktop

  • Higher Monthly Pricing
  • Aggressive Up-selling


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Serpple is a website rank tracker that helps users to analyze their keyword rankings on search engines. Serpple score measures your site’s performance for your targeted keywords. Serpple also helps you track your competitors’ keyword rankings. Serpple enables you to monitor and tail your keywords.

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