Host Virtual Events With Real-Time Interactive Features | Tevent Lifetime Deal

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Host Virtual Events With Real-Time Interactive Features | Tevent Lifetime Deal

 Tired of attending boring events and meeting people that are just like yourself?

Tevent is an interactive, virtual event platform that lets you host your own virtual event and invite attendees to an engaging event experience. Tevent is a comprehensive platform that allows you to set-up, host, and manage your event from start to finish. Create your event for FREE and invite your audience!

With Tevent, you can setup your event, create interactive agendas, invite people to attend, manage attendees, promote your event, and generate revenue!

Try Tevent today!

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WHAT IS Tevent?

With the launch of Tevent, conference organizers can literally transform their events into an interactive virtual experience. Tevent is more than just another conference call provider. With Tevent, users can organize virtual conferences, live web conferencing, interactive webinars, online meetings, and virtual training. With Tevent, there are no geographic restrictions.

The platform is accessible from anywhere in the world. Tevent’s customizable registration portal makes it easy for users to provide customized meeting details. In addition, users can select from a variety of registration packages to suit their needs.

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WHY USE Tevent?


  • Same price forever
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited members
  • Includes a private community
  • Includes unlimited chat
  • Includes unlimited meeting rooms
  • Includes unlimited recordings
  • Includes unlimited surveys
  • Includes unlimited polls
  • Includes unlimited email
  • Includes unlimited room for creative
  • Includes unlimited room for content
  • Includes unlimited room for event
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual
  • Includes unlimited room for video
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual events
  • Includes unlimited room for webinars
  • Includes unlimited room for workshops
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual meetings
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual presentations
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual classroom
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual training
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual coaching
  • Includes unlimited room for virtual conferences

Key Point Details


Tevent lets you host virtual events that encourage peer-to-peer networking with interactive features available at all tier levels.
Tevent is a next-generation virtual event platform that aims at increasing customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction for the brands.

Tevent provides a unique event management experience to the users that help them create a hassle-free event. The platform offers an amazing virtual event experience to the users so that you feel connected to the attendees.

Tevent offers features that work in the real world such as communication, chats, live polling, live Q&A, and a document sharing (for documents).

Tevent’s virtual events can be hosted on a wide range of devices. This helps the attendees to connect across different devices and locations.

With Tevent, you can create virtual events whenever required. The platform offers a wide range of themes and templates. You can also create and manage events with this tool.

Tevent offers administrative control through event registration, attendee management, message management, and event sharing.

A virtual event can boost your brand’s online reputation. It encourages peer-to-peer networking, creates leads, and increases brand awareness. It is an affordable



1. Creative filmmakers who need music for their videos

2. Musicians who want to create soundtracks for videos

3. YouTube content creators who need copyright-cleared music for their videos.

  • – Allows for personalized digital invitations
  • – Hosts virtual events where one can engage with people
  • – Allows for interactive features like live polling, polls, questions, surveys, and small group chat
  • – Allows for virtual items that can be purchased
  • – Allows for digital raffles
  • – Allows for digital and mobile donations
  • – Allows for digital and event merchandise downloads
  • – Allows for digital and event tickets 
  • Higher Monthly Pricing
  • Aggressive Up-selling


License Tier 1

One-time purchase of


License Tier 2

One-time purchase of


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For event organizers, Tevent is a cost-effective way to build online events that engage participants. With Tevent, you don’t need any technical expertise, just the ability to share content. The tool lets you post content, monitor your event’s statistics, have participants verify their attendance, and collect feedback. Tevent gives you a range of interactive features, including polling, Q&A, text-based chat, and user feedback.

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