Find Every Possible Tax-Saving Deduction With An Ai-Powered Tax Filing App | FlyFin Lifetime Deal

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Find Every Possible Tax-Saving Deduction With An Ai-Powered Tax Filing App | FlyFin Lifetime Deal


Each year you panic as tax season approaches because you’re not sure how you’ll stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tax laws.

FlyFin makes your tax prep a breeze. Simply log in once a week to keep track of your expenses and project what you’ll save with FlyFin’s AI-powered engine.

Next fly through filing your taxes, confident the cost is the bare minimum. And with FlyFin’s experts standing by to answer any questions, you can rest easy all year long.

FlyFin, it’s like having a CPA in your pocket!

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What Is FlyFin?

FlyFin to the rescue! Now you can instantly find every possible tax deduction, schedule a quick call with an expert, and have them review your tax returns! You’ll get the second opinions you need in just 24 hours. Best of all? Your accountant will never know how easy it was to file your taxes!

FlyFin can help you get every possible tax deduction, so you never have to wonder again.

Turns out that it was really easy to do, and they even found deductions I didn’t know I could claim. Their team is great, and I’m now saving hundreds on my taxes this year.

FlyFin is offering a three-month free trial to help you get started! Click here to go to their website and see if it’s right for you.

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Why Use FlyFin?

  • A.I. finds every tax deduction, eliminating 98% of your work
  • Link your account statements with Plaid
  • Expert tax CPAs ensure 100% accurate tax filing
  • A.I. scans for every possible tax deductions
  • World-class tax CPAs
  • Accept or deduct expenses
  • Industry-leading, in-depth tax report

  • Prepared by CPAs, powered by A.I.
  • Get tax calculators, income and expense trackers
  • Impossible to miss a penny!
  • Personal information isn’t stored on the platform or anywhere else
  • On average users save 10-30% more
  • File taxes for self-employed individuals
Key Point Details

FlyFin Feature Details

Once upon a time, tax software was complicated for everyone but professionals. And that’s OK. Tax professionals are good at taxes.

Thanks to the Internet, doing your taxes has become much easier. These days you can use a service like FlyFin, an AI-powered tax engine that takes in the info from your last 1099 and TurboTax forms, and gives you back a completed return within 5 minutes—no professional help necessary!

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FlyFin Best For, Good Side, Bad Side


1. Freelancers

2. Small businesses

3. Solopreneurs


1. It uses AI to identify every possible tax deduction.

2. It offers on-demand CPAs for advice and support.

3. It includes tax calculators, income and expense trackers, and tax reports

  • Higher Monthly Pricing
  • Aggressive Up-selling


License Tier 1

One-time purchase of

$69.00 $372.00

License Tier 2

One-time purchase of

$ see

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Final Remarks

With FlyFin you can get hands-on support from a certified professional, who will help you navigate the entire process, combining the convenience of online tools with the expertise of a human accountant. Unlike other software that tries to be an accounting firm in your pocket, FlyFin works alongside your existing accounting service or firm to dramatically reduce the amount of work they have to do while increasing their accuracy.

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