Best Top 10 Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design

Are you searching for alternatives to Canva for graphic design? Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur looking to save both time and money on their team’s graphic design projects? Well, either way, you have come to the right place! With the appropriate graphic design tools, you can produce stunning visuals that help set your business apart from its competition and capture customers’ interest. As we explore 10 Canva alternatives, you can make an informed decision about which is best suited for your project. Explore their features, ease-of-use, and costs so you can make an informed choice that’s tailored just for your business!

Canva: A Brief Overview

Before discussing its alternatives, let’s briefly review Canva and its key features that have contributed to its immense popularity. Known as an online graphic design platform for all skill levels, Canva provides users with numerous pre-designed templates suitable for social media posts, presentations, posters and more – as well as offering support through live chat support from Canva themselves.

Canva stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy for beginners. Users can browse a selection of templates before customizing them with text, images, shapes, and icons – creating quick designs without extensive design experience or knowledge.

Canva provides users with access to an expansive template library as well as an abundance of stock photos, illustrations, and fonts to enhance their designs visually and make them visually appealing. Accessing these elements within Canva saves users the trouble of searching external sources while expediting the design process.

Canva’s success can also be attributed to its continuous updates and upgrades, with new features introduced regularly that enhance user experiences such as new templates, advanced editing options, collaborative features etc. To meet user demands.

Overall, Canva offers user-friendly design tools, an expansive collection of templates, and access to an abundance of design elements that have made it the go-to platform for individuals, businesses, and professionals looking to create stunning visuals for various purposes. However, considering individual preferences, requirements, and budget constraints when searching for alternative platforms may provide more choices tailored specifically towards meeting design requirements.

Top Ten Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design



Pixlr is an intuitive graphic design tool suitable for beginners as well as professionals alike, offering features such as photo editing, image manipulation and advanced layering options to help users create stunning visuals and enhance designs easily. There is both a free version with limited features available as well as paid subscription options with access to more advanced functions.

  • Advanced photo editing tools
  • Image manipulation capabilities
  • Layers and blending options
  • Filter and effects library
  • Free and paid subscription options

Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark is an all-in-one design tool that empowers users to easily create graphics, webpages, videos and presentations without technical expertise. Offering customizable templates, fonts and images for instant use – Adobe Spark provides users with engaging social media posts, stunning presentations and stunning websites; plus subscription plans provide additional features.

  • Graphic design, webpage, and video creation
  • Extensive template library
  • Customizable fonts, images, and colors
  • Collaboration features
  • Free and paid subscription options



Figma is an engaging design tool widely utilized by designers and design teams. Providing real-time collaboration and real library storage capabilities, Figma makes team collaboration effortless on projects. Figma boasts prototyping, vector editing, design libraries and user interface/web design features suitable for creating user interfaces, interactive prototypes and user experience design prototypes. Offering both free and paid plans with more features available to subscribers – Figma makes for a fantastic collaborative design solution!

  • Real-time collaboration and design sharing
  • Prototyping and interactive design features
  • Vector editing and design libraries
  • Team management and project organization
  • Free and paid subscription options

Gravit Designer


Gravit Designer is a feature-rich design tool with numerous options for illustration and graphics creation. Offering advanced vector editing capabilities, Gravit Designer allows users to craft precise illustrations and graphics quickly. Gravit Designer can be used for both print and digital design projects, offering both a free version with limited features as well as paid subscription plans that unlock advanced functionalities.

  • Advanced vector editing capabilities
  • Illustration and graphic design tools
  • Export in various file formats
  • Freehand drawing and shape creation
  • Free and paid subscription options



Piktochart is an infographic and presentation design platform. Offering an assortment of templates, charts, icons and images to create visually engaging infographics and presentations. Piktochart also allows for customization options so users can tailor designs specifically to meet individual needs. In addition, there is both a free version with limited features as well as subscription plans with additional benefits that provide access to premium templates.

  • Infographic and presentation design
  • Template library with customization options
  • Chart and graph creation tools
  • Image and icon library
  • Free and paid subscription options



Vectr is an intuitive vector graphics editor tailored for newcomers to graphic design. Providing essential tools for logo creation, icon development, illustrations creation, and more; Vectr’s intuitive user experience makes it accessible even for novice graphic artists; the platform is completely free with no subscription costs involved.

  • User-friendly vector graphics editor
  • Collaborative design capabilities
  • Basic shape and path editing tools
  • Import and export in various file formats
  • Free to use, no subscription required



Crello is a graphic design tool with an abundance of templates and design options for social media posts, posters, banners, animations and animations. Users are able to make social media posts, posters banners and animations using Crello. Their library holds millions of

high-quality images, illustrations and videos – offering both free and paid subscription plans with additional features and access to premium content available only through paid plans.

  • Graphic design and animation creation
  • Extensive template library
  • Image and video editing tools
  • Social media and marketing materials
  • Free and paid subscription options



DesignWizard is an intuitive graphic design software, making the design process a lot simpler with its user-friendly interface and vast library of templates, images and fonts to quickly produce professional designs. Customization options enable users to upload their own images as well. There is both a free version with limited features available as well as subscription plans offering even more design possibilities.

  • Easy-to-use design tool
  • Template library for various design types
  • Image and text customization options
  • Collaboration features
  • Free and paid subscription options



Easil is a design tool tailored specifically for creating visual content for social media. The platform offers various templates and pre-set sizes tailored specifically for various social media platforms, while customizing options allow users to add text, images and shapes into their designs. Easil offers both free and paid subscription plans with subscribers getting additional features and access to premium templates.

  • Social media graphic design tool
  • Pre-set sizes for different platforms
  • Customizable templates and graphics
  • Image and font library
  • Free and paid subscription options



Snappa provides tools and templates to create social media graphics, blog posts and ads with ease. Their expansive library includes templates, fonts and graphics for enhanced designs.

Snappa also allows customization options as well as the capability of resizing designs for different platforms – plus offers both a free version with limited features as well as subscription plans with access to advanced functionalities.

  • Graphic design tool for social media, blogs, and ads
  • Template library with customization options
  • Resize designs for different platforms
  • Collaboration features
  • Free and paid subscription options

As Canva has many great alternatives available to it for graphic design, each has their own distinctive features, pricing models and capabilities that may better meet your individual design needs. You should evaluate these alternatives according to your design needs, preferences and budget before selecting an ideal alternative that matches up. Explore all these opportunities and unleash your creative side in graphic design!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Are Canva alternatives suitable for professional graphic design work?

Yes, many Canva alternatives provide advanced features and functionalities tailored specifically for professional graphic design work. They feature powerful tools, customization features, and collaboration features tailored specifically towards meeting the demands of professional designers or teams of graphic designers.

FAQ 2: Can I import my designs from Canva to the alternatives?

Canva makes it easy and straightforward to import designs onto alternative platforms, though the process varies depending on which alternative platform is chosen. Before choosing any alternative platform, be sure to understand its specific import options and compatibility considerations before beginning this process.

FAQ 3: Do Canva alternatives offer free plans?

Yes, many Canva alternatives provide free plans with limited features to allow users to explore and create basic designs on the platform. However, in order to access advanced features or additional design options subscription plans may also be offered.

FAQ 4: Can I collaborate with others on design projects using these alternatives?

Yes, several Canva alternatives offer collaboration features to allow users to collaborate with team members or clients on design projects in real-time, such as editing, commenting and sharing files. These collaborative features enable real-time editing, commenting and sharing.

FAQ 5: Which alternative is the best for social media graphics?

Easil, Crello and Snappa offer powerful alternatives for creating engaging social media graphics on various social platforms. Their features and templates provide a smooth design experience and allow for the creation of eye-catching designs without hassle or delays.

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